How would you like to embark on a  natural scenary experience?

There are lots to enjoy at Erickson Organic Farm~

[Note: Reservation Not Available at The Moment]

Tour around the farm, BBQ, african drumming, fly a kit, feed the fish, watch the stars, and learn about the natural ecology. Erickson Organic Farm is a great place for family gathering, corporate outings and teambuilding.

We are now accepting private and corporate bookings raging in size from 30 to 300 people. Half day or full day sessions are available to accommodate your needs. Please give us a call at 9780 6621, or Email us your enquiries and request.

Getting to our farm is easy. Click HERE for the location map.

Night scenery
Fly a kite by the pond.
Fish Feeding
Beautiful sky
African Drumming
Barbecue Night
Papayas on the tree
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